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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  September 13, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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58 at dulles where visibility is less than an eighth of a mile. so a lot of fog out to the west. winchester 57 and patuxent naval air station 64. cool start and nice finish. we should see the sunshine build in during the course of the day today. burn off the fog and as mentioned we'll be warmer with high temperatures back into the low to mid-80s. so about 10-degree warmer than yesterday. there is your satelli radar. not much of anything going on. the little blips you see is the fog and we'll get that out of here and there should be general improvement, although a slow go, out to the west. mostly sunny this afternoon, 83 degrees. winds out of the west at about 10 miles per hour. more details on the forecast. it will be a great looking workweek and we'll look at the hurricane out in the central atlantic as well coming up. back to you guys. today's top story, rewards for voters who hit the polls early. it is stirring up new controversy in the d.c. payoral race. >> the washington post reports cora masters barry, the estranged wife of marion barry,
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is claiming responsibility for rewarding voters with gift cards. this is the candidate's last day of campaigning. stacy cohan has more on the story. >> reporter: good morning. i can tell you we just got off the phone with cora masters barry who tells fox 5 news that she was not giving out gift cards in an effort to entice to buy votes, she was giving them out after people had voted as sort of a thank you and get out the vote effort and in no way was making an effort to violate election law by buying votes. that's what she tells fox 5 news. and meantime let necessity get to why this is happening and there is so much controversy surrounding this hotly con -- contested slug race that is down to the wire. and we have some video of the gift card controversy. hidden camera style that was given to us by a fenty
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supporter who postd it on you tube and it was thought that councilman gray's campaign was handing out the gift cards as an effort to entire people to come out and vote early. that will be a flagrant violation of the law. both sides disavowed any knowledge of this and cora masters barry did say she was handing out the cards, but after the fact to thank people for voting. and behind me there is early voting going on. fenty workers are out there. and they've been out here many days people are able to cast their ballots. the area at 1 judiciary square is alreadyered with -- is littered with campaign signs and i saw people trying to put signs down on any inch of unclaimed real estate of which there are very few left and today is the last day of early voting. tomorrow is primary election day. and here in our city, without a
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republican contender, this is tantamount to the election day and it will be exciting after a long campaign to find out who will be the successful candidate in the race for mayor. reporting live, i'm stacy cohan, back to you. >> thank you. is your home for d.c. information. and you can find your polling locations and watch the debay between -- debate between fenty and gray. you can see it all there on switching gears a bit, it wasn't spectacular. there was some big mistakes. >> well yes. but a win is a win. >> i win is a win. >> are people getting down already. >> we've seen what the years past have been like. come on. >> at least we're starting out with a win. it is funny though. don't go get your superbowl tickets just yet.
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but it is a huge, huge step up from where the team was. >> can i make a quick point? >> you can make any point. >> in years past, last year if the score was what it was, would you bet that the skins would lose in the clutch because that was the point. >> great point. and they lost last year 7-6. had the cowboys scored at the end, it would have been another but the past is the past. and two big plays made the difference in this ballgame. of course the last play of the game. this is an incredible way to end the game. and it looks just like in years past the redskins are going to lose and a heartbreaking season that goes straight down the tubes. hold the phones, because we have a holding penalty to end the game. i don't think i've seen a game decided on a holding call where the other team scored and celebrated on the field and
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then found out they lost the game. those are the type of things that in years past would not have happened for the burgundy and gold. there was one other huge play at the end of the first half and this also was a key for the redskins winning. the cowboys were down 3-0 and only three seconds to go in the half and the cowboys were at their own 36 yardline. you can take a knee, throw a hail mary or take a presbyterian. and the cowboys chose to do this and it was huge for the burgundy and gold. and watch deangelo hall. rip it out, strip it and then flip it. this is impressive for one guy in one play. 7 points the other way is 7 points at half, those six points the difference in the game. bad play calling by the cowboys and the redskins are loving the fact that they made that poor decision this morning. those are the types of things deangelo hall said. they will call more turn overs and the defense will turn over
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some plays but they're big enough to win the game. it feels like a different vibe this year with this team. they wouldn't have won that game a year ago. and albert haynesworth. we gave you the good. here is the bad. we have to be fair. we've been talking about albert haynesworth all summer long and here is why. he did play a lot last night. maybe more than we expected. and here is what happened when he was taken out of the game early on the second quarter. and see albert over on the right, sulking, walking up and down, clearly not happening with being taken out of the game. and we talked about this today, you can't have this. you can't have one guy on an island and 52 other guys fighting in a common cause and in team sport you can't have
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this. and now albert poo pooed this after the game. but this will be a story we have to follow. this is what we have to follow. it's our job. >> but it's interesting. you hear about this guy who is worth so much money. >> $100 million. you've got the money, buy in. we'll see if he does. >> we want to root for you. >> people are very for giving. if you win, they root for you. >> thanks, dave. and other big story we're following now, a 28-foot section of the ruptured gas pipeline from -- gas pipeline from san bruno, california, is being shipped here to washington where researchers will analyze it to find out what caused this mass explosion that killed several people and some are unaccounted for. some residents returned to their homes to get their belongings. >> windows were cracking and a i had a fire ball out front and
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i grabbed the dog. i want kleenex. i know it's going to be emotional. and i know other people have suffered so much more. >> now later today city and county officials will meet with residents who own the 37 homes that were destroyed. in the meantime the state of california is telling pacific gas and electric to inspect all of the gas lines. and firefighters in colorado are dealing with a new wildfire this morning. this one 10% contained so far. this time hundreds of people had to get out of their homes after a fire destroyed one home near loveland. the fire crews from the fire in boulder are being shifted to loveland. police first got a qualify of a -- a call of a home invasion just after 10:00 and there was a break-in on field master drive. but now they say there was not
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a robbery. detectives don't think the attack was random either. and we're learning about the couple shot and killed in ellicott city over the weekend. stout and van haven lived together and their kids were playing outside when the shootings happened. detectives think the deaths were related to a domestic assault. officers believe that paul byron palmer left baltimore heading toward d.c. or west virginia on friday. he may be traveling with a woman in a 2008 silver kia spectra with tag number 1 ewb 10. the vehicle is using a donut spare tire in place of a missing tire. palmer should be considered dangerous. gunfire at the adams morgan day festival. a d.c. police officer shot and killed a pit bull who police
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say attacked a poodle. this happened on 18th street yesterday afternoon. the two digs were passing by and bystanders tried to separate them. and one offer then stepped in and shot the dog. this weekend marked the 9 years since the terrorist attacks on 9/11. we'll look at the observations held over the weekend, including one celebration of a loved one's site. >> and i'm doug luzader in washington and we're coming up next, fox 5 morning news. 
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my father, there isn't a day that goes by that we don't miss you. i love you. >> it must seem as though the world must moved on to other things. i say to you today, that your
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loved ones endure in the heart of our nation. now and forever. >> remembering september 11th. it was 9 years ago terrorists boarded four airlines setting on a course that would change a nation. our spirits were wounded but they're terrorism did not break us. >> and this weekend the nation stopped to remember that day and those who made the ultimate sacrifice. saturday at the pentagon, the president read at the memorial where american airlines flight 77 crashed. a crowd honored the 184 victims who died. president recalled terrorist efforts to divide the country, a victory he said will never be handed to them. >> we will not let the acts of some small band of murderers who slaughter the innocent and cower in caves to distort who
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we are. they doubted our will, but as americans we persevere. >> among the dignitaries were the families of those who died, including the family of carolyn hellman. she was working inside the pentagon and her family invited matt acland to a celebration of her life. >> reporter: this is what carolyn holman loved, her family in one place. >> she loved to keep the family together no matter what is going on. >> reporter: her son stan said even after nine years, on this day his family travels in from all over. not to remember the tragedy, but to celebrate the woman. >> we were so close. we would go shopping together. and we did everything together. >> reporter: carolyn was especially connected to her sisters. they were all best friends. older sister mary said that day she knew something was wrong. >> just the way i felt that day. >> reporter: mary said she was so close to her sister carolyn in life and on the day she
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died. you see mary worked here at dea office in pentagon city. carolyn worked across the street at the pentagon. mary tells us she remembers hearing a huge boom and then ran to the window to see the fire at the pentagon, knowing her sister was in trouble. >> and when i looked out the window there was an umbrella and saul i saw was smoke. and two days before that she told me she moved to that side of the building. >> reporter: saturday morning carolyn's family gathered at the pentagon memorial and met with president obama. the president even picked up annwar johnson who would have been carolyn's nephew. >> when i looked up, he had him in his arms and was smiling. i call him the chosen one now. >> reporter: nine years has eased the pain but they say time has not faded the memory of carolyn. they know if she was still here, this is where carolyn would be happiest, surrounded
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by family. >> it's very difficult. in my spirit i could just feel that something is going on. >> reporter: matt acland, fox 5 news. >> the family is planning an even larger celebration next year for the 10th anniversary. carolyn left behind a husband and two children and five years ago she would have become a grandmother. she had been married for 30 years to her husband and they had planned on retiring back home in south carolina. also saturday families read the names of loved ones lost in the attack. mourners brought flags and flowers and wore ribbons. joe biden attended that celebration. and in shanksville, pennsylvania, michelle obama and barbara bush met privately
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with the families of victims and spoke to a crowd of about 1,000. members of the tea party come together in a push for change. activists marched across the country and here in d.c. on sunday. they are hoping for sweeping change come the mid-term election. their focus is to reduce big government and want a conservative approach to running the country in the future. in most cases the tea party members are supporting the most conservative candidate across the country. and president obama will meet a family before hosting a discussion on the economy with families in the area. and a deal on tax cuts pay be in the works. and republicans may have found some common ground with the president. doug luzader has the latest from capitol hill. >> reporter: the white house is skeptical about this, but the top republican in the house said he may go along with the president's tax plan. you don't have to look far to
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see the anti-tax anger out there and congress will soon have to decide to extend the bush era tax cuts or support the president's plan to allow them to expire for top earners. now the highest ranking republican in the house, john boehner, said if pushed he'll go along with the president. if the only option i have is the vote for reductions, i'll vote for them. but i've been saying for months we need to kend the rates for all americans if we want to get the economy going again and get jobs in america. >> reporter: lawmakers have said new businesss will put off hiring new workers but the white house said the price is too high. and the top economic advisor looked like a boehner confession. >> if he is truly saying that if we can get a broad consensus
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to express the middle class tax cuts, we should do it. >> reporter: but it could unsettle the white house. >> there were no new policies for mr. boehner. >> reporter: the president has been trying to vilify boehner, who stands to be the next speaker of the house if the republicans win control in november. it would force the administration to change strategies. and other complication for the white house. even some democrats believe the tax cuts ought to apply to everyone. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. the imam in charge of the mosque being built near ground zero is speaking out this morning. the imam is telling an audience on the council of foreign relations that he is saddened to the core about the need for the mosque and explains why he named it the cordova initiative. >> eight years i guess and i
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found that the cross over initiative, name when jews, christians and muslims lived together and built together its most tal rant and enlightened society on earth. the code of the initiative is to repair the damage done to muslim-american relations in recent year. >> and the imam said he is grateful for president barack obama for speaking out. and a hostage in iran accused of breaking the law and one of the three could be set free but it comes at a price. we have the details coming up next. and a new center to help keep the country prepare. matt acland is live in fairfax. >> the big question, are you prepared if there is another terrorist attack. coming up here in fairfax county, we'll show you what you should have inside your house that is coming up when
9:22 am for the break, here is a look at the trivia question. why was popcorn banned in movie theater in the 1920s? was it because it was too greasy, to avoiding, or too buy or was there a popcorn shortage. but if you want to take a guess now, go to our facebook page. >> never. >> moderation is good. >> we'll be right back. 
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we are still waiting on word whether a $500,000 bail has been paid for the release of an american hiker held in iran. diplomats are making arrangements to have the american set free. iran said they are freeing her due to compassion since she is ill and has no medical
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attention. she and her two friends are accused of spying. they have been jailed for more than a year. there is a setback in freeing the trapped miners in chile. drilling continues on two tunnels but the drill in the most advanced tunnel broke off it. hit an iron support beam inside the mine. a replacement part is being rushed to chile from the united states. the mining minister said the setback is not a big deal and does not expect any delays. the miners are being updated about the rescue. mexican marines have caught a man suspected of being a top officer in one of the leading drug cartels. officials say the suspect is sergio via real, known as big grande in december the marines killed the alleged leader of the gang and captured another member last month. more than 28,000 people have died since mexican president felipe calderon launched his
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crackdown on drugs in late 2006. well she is the no-nonsense host of the nancy grace show and now her passion and wisdom are coming to fox. nancy grace will join us live after the break on what we can expect on her new show. plus get out the butter. we are talking lobster this morning and a lot of it. details behind a record- breaking catch coming up next.
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well, a man in south florida has a fishing tale to tell. this weekend he reeled in a giant lobster that tipped the scales at nearly 10 pounds. >> he got a tip from a friend who tried special lobster spots. it took him about 45 minutes to bring it up, 45 feet to the surface off of miami beach. he had quite the dinner that night, don't you think. and look how big. oh, my gosh. >> i always think about the comedian that said if that thing crawled from behind your frig, would you want to eat it? >> no. >> i don't like seeing it in
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that fashion. >> no. >> that's a big lobster. >> it is. >> we were talking about this at 4:30 this morning, if you were up. and i didn't know people fished rod and reel for lobster. >> i thought it was traps. >> like lobster points. >> but i'm glad they pointed them to the lobster spot and now this guy is thinking i'm going back every day. and it's still nice to do fishing, don't you think? >> here? >> yeah. >> oh, yes. it will be nice for fishing or hanging out as we'll have sunshine and nice september weather. this is the time of year we always wait for. all right. a little fog out there. we had a fog advisory that expired half an hour ago but that doesn't mean on queue it disappears. visibility is less than a quarter of a mile but starting to improve. in another hour, the fog will be out of here and then in for a great looking afternoon. sunshine is expected today and warmer than yesterday with
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highs back into the low 80s. yesterday our daytime highs were in the upper 60s and lower 70s. currently 66 degrees in washington at reagan national. 61 in gaithersburg. martsinsberg 57 and in hagerstown 59 degrees. and i mentioned the wind gone, just the low-lying clouds and that will get out of here. and off to the north and west, that is a cold front getting in here later this afternoon and tonight. maybe a few clouds with it. no rain shower activity expected and that will reinforce the cooler and drier air for the workweek. so through thursday we should be nice and dry with sunshine each afternoon and seasonal temperatures. highs in the upper 70s to about 80. you can see in chicago, not a lot going on. this is hurricane igor, maximum winds 150 miles per hour, gusts to 180 miles per hour.
9:32 am
continuing to fire on all cylinders. pressure 935 millibars tracking to the west at 13 miles per hour. still expected -- the consensus among the computer models is having it make a turn to the northeast and staying well out to sea. and i don't think this will threaten the u.s. mainland as it should be pushed and forced out to the central atlantic. and out to the east we have tropical storm julia so very active season continues across the tropical atlantic. after the fog, sunshine this afternoon. 83 for the afternoon high. winds pick up out of the west at about 10 miles per hour. and the five-day forecast, look at that, sunshine all week long. 80 tomorrow, 78 on wednesday. 80 on thursday. and some clouds and maybe some scattered showers for the day on friday. right now that doesn't look like a big deal. let's look at the forecast. allison, back to you. >> tucker, thank you. you recognize her for her television work on headline news, but get ready to know her
9:33 am
from her show right here on fox 5. swift justice with nancy grace premiers today again here on fox 5. at 2:00 and 2:30. and nancy joins us live to talk about the new show. good morning to you. >> good morning. thank you for having me. >> it is our pleasure. and we know you from dealing with breaking crime news of the day and you talk to these experts and you go after these stories. tell us how your show here on fox is different from how we know you already, nancy. >> well on the show that i do in the evenings, it's almost completely focused on missing people, especially children, and unsolved homicide cases. sometimes we do a celebrity case to illustrate that point of law, that particular allegation. but this, proof justice, is unlike anything else i've seen out there. and a lot of people have asked, is it another judge judy show.
9:34 am
it is not. number one, nobody can replace judge judy, period, so we're not trying to not do a judge judy knock-off. there is no fake gavel or sheriff and a library of legal books behind me. i get to be the judge, the jury, the prosecution and the defense in the case. and one of the fantastic things about it is that there are these giant monitors that turn into electronic witness stands and we bring in witnesses and experts from all over the country. if they are pertinent -- pertinent to the case -- blood splatter, voice analysis, body language experts. we go beyond the allegations and i can get people help like gamblers anonymous, people with addictions, consumer counselors, people are swimming in debt. and they are having a lot of problems. and they are ending up in court because everybody is broke now.
9:35 am
and we also have a feature, if i want to stop until the middle court and if i don't believe somebody, i can attach them to a lie detector test and i can strap you up if i don't believe you. >> and so you get to be the judge, juror and prosecutor, and i know it's in your head, do you strug with that or is it the nancy gray show? >> it's interesting because i read and research the cases ahead of time and write out my rulings by hand. but once i hear the witnesses, about 35 or so percent of the time, maybe closer to 40, i completely reverse the rulings. i determine somebody is lying. the other day a woman destroyed her husband's best friend's harley davidson 70th
9:36 am
anniversary edition motorcycle, beat it to smithereens. but when they came to court, i realized the husband was having an affair with the best friend. and sure enough there were definitely romantic intentions so i turned to the lady and i said i'm glad you beat up the motorcycle. >> well i was going to ask you, with love and respect, are we seeing a softer side maybe of you, nancy, when you talk about -- >> you know what -- >> don't strap me up. >> a lot of people have asked me that, did having the twins soften me up and i thought that it might. but now i love them so much, i cannot imagine anyone hurting a child. even more than i felt that way before. so in a way, it's made me even tougher because i realize the duty that mothers, parents, all of us have to protect those that are weaker and less cunning than others and i think it's made me more strident.
9:37 am
>> we're out of time. i have to pay you a compliment. i was touched by a story about a 5-year-old girl was hurt named shenia and i turned to your show and i got some sol is by watching you -- solis by watching you going after that person. >> thank you. i remember that well. >> thank you so much, nancy, right here live, on fox 5. it will be live at 2:00 and 2:30. she will have taped it, but a technicality. >> nice to talk to her. nancy grace, bringing her show to fox 5. if you've been watching the past hour, you may notice that holly isn't here with us today. >> she's in l.a. here she is with color is leachman. she's in a new show, hanging out with the people from glee.
9:38 am
and here she is with a couple of them from the new season. and you may recognize the young girl there. her name is sherese. she's a young girl who oprah has had on her show and was a you tube sensation. she made a guest appearance on glee. and you can see holly's interviews from l.a. over the next coming weeks. it should be interesting. >> i hope she's having a good time. >> i bet she is. well some of the biggest fames in the music industry hit the red carpet at the mtv video awards. >> we'll tell you who had a very good night last night and hugh lights -- and highlights of the performances. and sometimes your eyes are bigger than your stomach, especially when you are hungry. but one man may have had it the other way around. how many burritos he ate that has him holding a new title this morning.
9:39 am
first here is the trivia question. why was popcorn banned in the 1920s, because it was too greasy, too noisy or was there a popcorn shortage? we'll have the answer coming up a little later. lots more coming up. we'll be right back. 
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it pays to discover.
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a sweep for lady ga ga. she picked up a record eight
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trophies at the mtv music awards, including best video of the year. and her dress and hat appeared to be cuts of meat. between heart throb justin beiber for best new artist and keeping it all flowing, comedian chelsea handler, the mtv, says this is the first time it was hosted by a woman and chelsea pointed that out as well. and before sitting down to watch the mtv video awards, a lot of folks went to the movies this weekend. resident evil afterlife took the top spot. it earned $27.7 million in the opening weekend. in second weekend was takers, earning 6 million in the third week in release. the american starring george clooney came in third followed by machete and going the distance. >> machete.
9:45 am
what did you have for breakfast? i have to guess it wasn't 47 burritos. joey chestnut wolfed down that at the new mexico state fair. it is one of the -- he is one of the world's successful competitive eaters. managed to eat them in 15 minutes, earning him $1,500. now if it was chips ahoy, it wouldn't be a contest. >> that might be a problem later. >> for quite sometime. a couple of days. how does a community prepare for disaster? matt acland is live in fairfax at a new center designed to do just that. he's coming up next. plus it's monday and you know that means we have pets in the studio. what is going on little guy. some pups you don't want to miss and you just may want to make some room in your family for. as all coming up next. keep it right here. we're coming back.
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all right, well september is national emergency preparedness month. if you don't know. >> this morning matt acland is learning all about how families are learning they are ready in case of an emergency. matt, we need to know this. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. i want to introduce you to tracy shelton who deals with emergency in transportation. what is this behind us? this is very impressive. you have just about everything represented in this one room, correct, when it comes to emergencies? >> yes we do. peace talk is where we are. this is the operations floor for peace talk. that is the public safety transportation operation center. on our 12,000 square foot operation we have three major organizations. on the county side -- and i should say this is a combination of d.c. and
9:50 am
virginia. this is our 911 center. the largest 911 center in the commonwealth of virginia. and we have sewer 911 center and we have v-dot and transportation operation center and that's the regional state organization and over sea seven counties from here. we have their traffic cameras and then dispatch for the region. >> reporter: and before this these were in many locations and communication was difficult. >> everyone worked together but having everybody together on this combined floor is ideal. we share a lot of audio-visual communication and v-dot has cameras to control but police and fire can access the aimage -- access the images. >> reporter: i want to introduce you to dave mckernan. how are you? i want to talk about folks being prepared. we just went past the 9th anniversary of 9/11 and it's on
9:51 am
the minds of a lot of people but they might have said that was nine years ago and not think about what they should be prepared or how -- or how they should be prepared. >> we want pep to stay informed and have a kit. and we'll go over the kit. but staying informed. we have many ways for residents to stay informed. one is listening to the media. we have a c.e.a.n., a emergency alert that our residents can sign up for. we push out information to them by any means they request. that's the best way to stay informed. >> reporter: do you find when there is an emergency that folks are having a hard time getting that information, maybe they are not doing the right thing and then they clog up the lines, maybe they call 911 and they could just be turning on the television or the radio. >> and providing information again through the c.e.a.n.
9:52 am
network. it's a great way to stay informed. you get the information and you know what to do next. >> reporter: think about it beforehand and not when the emergency is here, correct? >> you have to do all of this beforehand. >> reporter: thank you. i want to go over to marcela. how are you? good to see you. we don't have much time, talk about some things people can keep in their house. >> there are a few things you can do in making a kit and that's having a few necessary items. but the most important thing is each kit is personalized based on your need. you want a gallon of water. one gallon per person per day. >> reporter: should you replace that every six months or so. >> different water has different rates of when it gets expired but to facilitate that, rotate your water supply through the home so it doesn't expire. >> reporter: and i see you have medical masks, batteries. talk me through why these are important. >> during pandemics and such things as h1n1, the masks are
9:53 am
great because you don't have to worry about infecting yourself or others. battery operated or hand- cranked flashlights are great in case of power outages and you want sanitary supplies as well. >> and have all of your documents to get to them quickly and we're talking about cash and what -- >> maybe a copy of a utility bill in case something happens to your home and any important documents such as copies of social security cards and other things like that. >> maybe a birth certificate or something. any idea how much cash you should be keeping or what you feel comfortable with? >> i think each family will have different needs but think of things such as gas and emergency food and things like that. if things are down, you can't use your credit card. >> reporter: are people prepared or do you encourage them. >> about 30% based off of the presentations that i give are
9:54 am
prepared. >> reporter: 30%, you said. >> off of my experience, yes. >> reporter: appreciate your time. sarah, are you prepared at your home. >> reporter: know you live in fairfax county? >> i live in alexandria, we're as prepared as we can be. but we appreciate the tips. >> i i think i might go home and have to put something together. it's something you don't think about all of the time. >> thank you for the great information. we appreciate it, matt. as you can see, we have some pets in today but before you run out and buy a dog you may want to stop and consider adopting one. you know the animal shelters are overflowing with puppies. and joining us with some dogs, this is lizy from the animal shelter. and you have a very active ben. he looks like a jack russell but he's a mix. >> he's a jack russell. we think he has chinese
9:55 am
crescent in him. and his brother is more evident looking. but these boys came out of north carolina and out of a bad situation and so they were very abused and they're learning to have some confidence. >> but loves attention. >> he's very good with people. very good, very ainfection at. love -- affectionat. but they need some confidence building and training. >> he's getting worried. i know, ben. and he's very active because there is another dog mark new york in here. >> this is giuliani. she's very cute. she's a little girl. how old is she? >> she is 9 -- >> they love each other. >> they are very affectionat.
9:56 am
>> she is just 9. she is typical of what is happening to a lot of dogs now. we think her family moved and left her behind so she was found roaming around an apartment complex. and she was ultimately found laying under a tree. she laid down and just didn't know what else to do. and someone found her and tried to find the owners and they took her to a shelter we pulled her out and she was very scared in the shelter and she is -- we think a poodle terrier mix. she's adorable. she loves other dogs. >> good with kids? >> she's probably better with an -- in an adult home. ben would be fine with kids. he needs an active home. ben is jack russell and very sweet. and she's active at home. she loves cats. she's a wonderful dog. >> are they going to be at the event coming up in silver
9:57 am
spring? >> they could be. now we have adoption events every saturday at the kentland pets smart in gaithersburg but we are participating in dog day silver spring on sunday october 3rd and if they do not have homes, they will be there. >> from 1:00 to 5:00. >> right. it's great fun. a lot of dogs and other rescues. we are a rescue organization. >> thank you so much for bringing them in. they're so cute. we can't wait for them to get adopted. >> take care now. >> we'll be right back. did you know it's the only leading line of kid cereals with at least 8 grams of whole grain and a good source of calcium? cereals they already love, like lucky charms and cinnamon toast crunch. give your kids more of what they need to be their best. grow up strong. with big g kid cereals. ♪
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